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Evaluation of Skills for Health Pre-employment Programme Pilots, 2010-11

New! Evaluation Report of Skills for Health Pre-employment Programme Pilots, 2010-11, including expected return on training investment.

LDA Embedding SfL in London Local Authorities Project Documents

A short, motivational video including the outcomes of the Embedding SfL in London Local Authorities Project (.WMV file). To save the video (60MB) to your computer, right click the title above and choose 'Save Link As...'

Executive Summary Embedding SfL London Local Authorities Report (Word)

Embedding SfL London Local Authorities Evaluative Report (Word)

Phase 1 Project Guide (PDF)

Phase 1 Project Summary (PDF)

Other Phase 1 Resources (external link)

End of 5-year Project Conference, March 2008

Project 5 Year Headline Outcomes (Powerpoint)

Skills for Life, Work and Citizenship - Professor Bob Fryer (Powerpoint)

David Lammy's Speech (delivered on his behalf by Helen Kaczmarek) (Word)

Embedding SfL in LB Southwark (Powerpoint)

SfL in LB Newham - Bob Heaton (Powerpoint [5MB])

Skills for Life Project Evaluative Report LB Newham - March 2008 (Word)

LLN within Job Roles, Recruitment and Selection Event Resources

Job Roles Mapping - Sharon Simpson, Asset Skills (Powerpoint)

Understanding Educational Levels & SMOG Readbility Testing (Word)

Activity Specifying LLN within Job Descriptions (Word)

Customer Care Standards Mapping - LB Barking & Dagenham (Word)

Appraisal Guidelines Mapping - LB Barking & Dagenham (Word)

SfL within Recruitment and Selection - Skills for Work (Powerpoint)

Target Skills Intial Assessment LLN Skills Profile - CTAD (Powerpoint)

Promoting Workplace SfL Event Resources

List of Useful Resources (Word)

Promoting SfL in a London Local Authority (PowerPoint)

Campaign for Learning - Making Learning Work for Local Authorities (PowerPoint)

SfL at Oxford City Council, Caroline Bull, Chief Executive (PowerPoint)

LB Barnet UNISON SfL Presentation 26 11 2006 (PowerPoint)

Oxfordshire County Council - Basic Skills at Work (PowerPoint)

LB Sutton Presentation - Getting Active Support from Senior Managers and Stakeholders (PowerPoint)

LB Newham Presentation - Successful Engagement of Employees in LLN Learning (PowerPoint)

Changing Skills training materials (for in-house awareness raising etc) (external link)

Strategic Planning and Partnership Working Event Resources

Partnership Working and Strategic Planning (PowerPoint)

Groundrules for Steering Groups - Checklist (Word)

Strategic Planning and Organisational Needs Analysis Toolkit (external link)

LB Kingston SfL Strategy (Word)

LB Sutton SfL Action Plan (Word)

LB Wandsworth SfL Strategy and Action Plan (Word)

Needs Analysis Event Resources

SfL Needs Analysis - an Overview (PowerPoint)

LB Barking & Dagenham SfL Needs Analysis -Case Study (PowerPoint)

Useful Resources - SfL Needs Analysis (Word)

A model of SfL Needs Analysis (Word)

Confidence Checking - SfL Needs Analysis (Word)

Embedded Curriculum Development Event Resources

Embedded Curriculum Development training materials (external link)

How do you ‘embed’ Skills for Life in the workplace? – article for Basic Skills Professional Development Magazine (Word)

Developing LLN Skills in the Workplace – Beth Kelly, LLU+ (PowerPoint)

Embedding SfL in Social Care – David Young, LB Southwark (PowerPoint)

Embedding SfL in Waste Management – Dr Lawrence Strong, WAMITAB (PowerPoint)

Skills for Life: A Provider’s Perspective – Malcolm Seward, College of North East London (PowerPoint)

The Benefits of Embedding SfL – Mark Adams, LB Barking and Dagenham (PowerPoint)

Implementing successful approaches to staff development for Embedded Literacy, Language and Numeracy - e-briefing from the London Strategic Unit (external link)

Embedding SfL within Recruitment, Induction and Appraisals Event Resources

Sector Skills Councils – Embedding Skills for Life (Powerpoint)

Asset Skills - Whole Organisation Action Plan (Word)

Embedding Skills for Life in DHL (Powerpoint)

SISCo – Integrating Basic Skills in Social Care Induction (Powerpoint)

Follow-up Questions to Speakers and their Answers (Word)

Funding Workplace SfL and Open Space Event Resources

LSC – Funding Workplace SfL Activity (Powerpoint)

Funding information from the ‘Making the Business Case’ Reference and Training Pack (Pdf)

LLN Training Impact Evaluation Event Resources

Baseline, Value Model of Evaluation for Workplace LLN - Paul Kearns (Powerpoint)

SfL Evaluation - London Councils' Perspective (Powerpoint)

LDA Embedding SfL Project Monitoring Forms and Guidance

Guidance on Quarterly Monitoring Process (Word)

Authority Quarterly Progress Report Proforma - if no Action Plan (Word)

6hr Learning Enrolment Form (Word)

Individual 6hr Learning Log Proforma (Word)

List of Possible 6hr Learning Outcomes (Word)

Log of 6hr Learning Beneficiaries and SfL Learners (Excel)

South West Region Documents

Draft Workplace Skills for Life Strategy for the South West England Region (Word)

Making the Business Case – a reference and training resource for professionals involved in promoting Skills for Life to employers (external link)

Making the Business Case – a new toolkit for professionals involved in promoting Skills for Life to employers – article written for Basic Skills Bulletin (Word)

Discover the Benefits – flyer promoting workplace SfL development to employers (Pdf)

SfL in the Logistics Sector – briefing for Train to Gain Brokers and SfL Providers (Pdf)